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Make Your Front Porch More Inviting Than Ever!

As the initial “space” to welcome your guests, the front porch sets the first impression. Much like a foyer, it’s an extension of your interior home before entering the main living area. Turning a porch into a place to relax and socialize would expand the living square footage. As a result, upgrading a front porch will add to your home’s value as well as its curb appeal. If home is where the heart is, then the front porch is where the soul resides. Each front porch is not only unique to your house, but it’s unique to your style.

Here are some ideas to elevate your front porch to make it welcoming and friendly to all who stop by.

Start with a Good Cleaning

It's amazing how much dirt and dust covers a porch right after the winter months. A bucket of warm water with some dish soap and cleaning cloth are all you need. Wipe away any cobwebs and dirt from light fixtures, doors, windowsills, etc. Later in the spring after the pollen has settled down, give the house, concrete path and front walkway a good power washing. Forget about the broom, a leaf blower is great for cleaning the dirt and leaves that may settle in the corners.

Update the Front Door

If a brand-new door is not in the budget, it is amazing what some paint will do. It is a great cost-effective way to spruce up your entrance. You can give the entrance a fresh new look by painting your door. The trim around the door can be painted in a white exterior paint to make that door pop. Another way to dress up a door is adding some new hardware. Upgrading your door hardware is a quick and affordable way to express your personal style. A simple swap of the old outdated, worn-out finish to a style that enhances your home. It will add curb appeal too.

Add Greenery

The best way to make your front porch more appealing is adding plants. Select a complementary color palette to go with your home. Flank the entrance with two containers filled with beautiful seasonal flowers. The plants and the containers can express your personality and complement the style of your home-be it formal, cottage, farmhouse, modern, etc. It is an extension of your inside merged with the outdoors.

Have a Seat!

What makes a porch cozy? A comfortable place to sit. Invest in great seating. Seating adds to front porch utility, but the design can make or break the aesthetic. So often we limit our outdoor seating to the back of the house, but some of the best views and best areas to entertain are actually in the front of the home. Selecting pieces to create a cozy nook for morning coffee. Try adding rockers or a bench. You can also add a washable throw and pillows to your porch.

Size up your Lighting

Lighting fixtures and porch lights can get faded, rusty and dingy over time. Especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions — hot or cold. Updating your porch lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of your porch, right down to the type of bulbs you use. Choose exterior lights that scale properly with the front elevation of your home (in addition to being beautiful). Lights are the first thing you see upon approach of your home.

Hang a Porch Swing

Nothing says ‘welcome’ more than an inviting seating area with a porch swing. A defined, intimate place to gather can be more affordable than you think and delivers a luxury vibe to your front entrance. A swing helps divide longer front porches into several smaller areas. An area behind the swing can be designed for dining, while the area on and in front of the swing can be for informal gatherings. It is very that the swing is strategically placed so that when it is being used or blown by the wind, it does not come into contact with any surrounding elements. If you have potted plants, side tables, and the like on your front patio, make sure they are adequately spaced from the porch swing.

Add a Glass Panel

For a slightly bigger front-door project, try changing out the front door for a completely different model. Bringing in a new door with a glass insert not only elevates the curb appeal of the home but also ushers more light into the interior for a win-win situation. Choose a front door that coordinates with the architecture of the home for a cohesive look. For a DIY spin, get an unfinished door style with beveled glass. You can stain it a deep walnut for more traditional homes or paint it a high-contrast color for a more modern take.

Install New Flooring

Material selection is a big ticket way to add value to your front patio. Instead of a generic concrete, add flooring that makes the space special. Tile, wood, or stone are all great contenders. Bonus points if you can have the flooring match the interiors, seamlessly connecting the front porch with the entry of the home. When you think of your front porch as a continuation of your home, plotting out the design scheme becomes simpler — and makes all of your spaces more inviting.

Get Creative with Concrete

Instead of basic concrete, modernize the front patio with pavers, also known as flat pieces of stone or concrete, typically in a square shape. Concrete porches are quite common because they’re cost-effective and there are so many options available. You can even try concrete overlays which offer tinting, stamping, or etching applications for added interest.

Paint the Porch Ceiling

Painting a room can completely transform a space, and it’s also a cost-conscious option that can impress without having to do a complete overhaul. Rumor has it that a light blue ceiling will deter mosquitoes. Even if your front porch is covered, look for durable exterior paint that can withstand the elements.

Update the Stairs and Railing

Front porches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a stair component, elevating the front porch and entry above the ground level. Stairs and railings play an important role in the overall curb appeal of the home. For a quick update, consider giving your stairs and porch floor a fresh coat of paint for a newer look. A neutral slate gray is a great base for upgrading the overall look without making a bold move.

Get a Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is a must to help with higher temperatures and humidity. Once you buy one, you’ll wonder how you lasted so long in muggy weather without it. Many ceiling fans have lights attached, so you have an additional source of lighting for your front porch.

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