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Elevate Your Home with a Touch of Shiplap

A popular and versatile staple of American homes, the shiplap style features charming wooden planks and distinctive grooves that can evoke a range of aesthetics, from shabby chic to cleanly modern, depending on the texture and fit. Shiplap is a type of wooden board that interlocks with one another to create a distinct horizontal (or vertical) paneling. The enduring design of shiplap provides a relaxing seaside or farmhouse air, bringing a sense of warmth to any room. Since its increasing popularity, designers have incorporated shiplap in interiors of varying styles, from modern to rustic to traditional. Check out our style tips below on where to use shiplap and how it uniquely stands out in each room!

What are the benefits of shiplap?

  • Easy to install. Almost anyone with basic carpentry skills can install shiplap. It comes in panels or as individual boards, so you can suit the material to your ability to handle it. If panels are too big and heavy, then you can use boards. The overlapping tabs are easier to handle than tongue and groove boards but have many of the same advantages.

  • Choices in the way it’s installed. Shiplap can be installed vertically, horizontally or even slantwise for an interesting decorative effect.

  • Protection and support options. Because it is genuine wood and can be made from the wood of your choice, shiplap offers extraordinary building options. It can be installed over an existing wall or interior insulation. It offers increased support because of its nature as solid wood.

  • Natural Appearance. You can enjoy the beauty of wood at an expense level you can handle. Shiplap can be sawn from woods ranging from very ordinary pine to beautiful hardwoods depending on the depth of your pocketbook and local availability. The wood could be stained, whitewashed, painted a classic white or even an eye-catching pop of color.

Where to add shiplap in your home

  • Feature Wall – Who says shiplap has to fill the entire room? Adding a feature wall can sometimes be just the right amount of detail for the space without going overboard. Try it on the headboard wall of a bedroom with the other walls painted for contrast. If you want to use a shiplap accent wall in another space, consider using it on the wall you see when you first enter the room or on the wall where you want to draw the most attention (like the one behind a sofa).

  • Bathroom - Cladding the whole or even just a part of a bathroom in shiplap is a great way to jazz it up. Painted shiplap for a bathroom is easier to clean and withstands moisture when it gets steamy.

  • Entryway or Foyer - Want to make a subtle, but stylish impression when folks walk into your home? Shiplap may be the answer. Even adding it to a single wall can work wonders on an entryway. It adds a cozy, warm feeling to a home, which is very welcoming! It also draws your eye to that spot, making it a nice focal point for the space.

  • Ceiling - Shiplap can make any room look cozy, but consider adding it to just the ceiling for an unexpected touch. And what better location to have those soothing lines as you’re lying in bed, drifting off to sleep?

  • Fireplace surround - Fireplaces are already a focal point, so make sure you "dress" them well! Shiplap is a great way to add visual interest while keeping things simple. Take it from floor to ceiling on the bump out area and then add a beautiful mantle to finish it off. 

  • Laundry room - If you're lucky enough to have a room devoted to this task, why not make it a happy place to be? These rooms tend to be small for the most part, so adding shiplap is an affordable option. You can try running it vertically too for a change - it'll make the space feel taller!

  • Kitchen - There’s a reason farmhouse kitchens remain consistently popular — they evoke the warmth and cheer of home comforts in a way that slick modern kitchens just can’t match. Bring a farmhouse vibe to your kitchen, even if it’s a new build, by applying crisp white shiplap to the walls. With the right finish, this material is practical and easy to clean, making it a natural choice for such a hardworking room.

  • Finished basement - Finishing a basement can be a wonderful way to add livable space to your home without adding to the footprint. But making a finished basement feel as inviting as the rest of the house can be a challenge. Give your basement an airy feel with white shiplap walls and plenty of lighting.

  • Partway up the wall - In the space shown here, hard-wearing shiplap on the lower portion of the walls pleasingly contrasts the glamorous paper on top. Shiplap can be used anywhere you would normally use beadboard wainscoting — in a hall, kitchen or dining room, for example.

  • Mudroom - A mudroom is a hardworking transitional space, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack style. Take a cue from this modern-farmhouse-style home and upgrade your mudroom with shiplap walls and built-in cubbies.

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