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Bring in the Warmth of Exposed Brick


The brick wall design is quite a versatile interior feature suited for any kind of home aesthetic — industrial, eclectic, vintage or contemporary. It adds an element of bold character to a space and can be used in any room to enhance its look. Exposed brick also brings a sense of warmth, coziness and nostalgia to any space. In a living room, it makes a great first impression on guests and visitors. In a kitchen, it add versatility with function. In a bathroom, it provides visual texture. The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for any room of your home.

A Creative Niche in the Living Room

An exposed brick wall in a living room works best as an accent. It offers a unique rustic touch to the space. Use brick to higlight a fireplace, or the wall behind the fire place or built ins. Position your furniture to face the brick so it can be enjoyed everyday. A good tip: think about how your furniture fits the best in a room before choosing the wall, or walls, to add brick.

The Ever-Popular Design in the Kitchen

Brick walls not only add visual appeal to the kitchen, but also suit any kind of style. Additionally, exposed brick walls can cleverly play up the colour scheme of the kitchen. Brick in a kitchen can be natural, or painted for a functional option. Painted brick make it easy to clean up splatters and messes, especially if it is used as a back splash. Choose a classic white or a bold color to contrast the cabinets.

Create a Chic Bedroom

Looking to save your bedroom from the monotony of monochromes? Adding one exposed brick wall interior will give any bedroom the ‘oomph’ it needs. Raw brick provides an edgy backdrop to the master suite bed. Painted brick, especially a dark color — think black — provides drama and depth to a homey bedroom.

Dine in a Contemporary Dining Room

A brick wall in a dining room can be provide a simple, yet contemporary feel. But if you are on a budget, there are brick wallpaper options that look oh so real! Not only is the paper design trendy, but it is also a budget decision. You get the look of brick for a fraction of the cost; and it can be renovated in one weekend. This cost-effective brick wall interior can be replicated on any wall in your house.

Use in Your Kid’s Room for Playful Interiors

If there is a room that allows you to indulge in some delightful experiments, it has to be your kids’ bedrooms or playroom. A kids’ room with brick wall interior means you can have fun with what you decide to do in the space. It is especially suited to growing kids as the wall design can change for another design easily.

Utilize Brick Wall to Display Decor

One interior decor trick is to use the brick wall design to display your decor. It not only enhances the style of the room, but also makes the decor its focal point easily. Make sure to pick brick wall decor of contrasting colors to draw the attention to it.

Colored Brick Walls

To give the traditional old brick wall design a more refined look, paint it into a color of your choice to make it match with the rest of the room decor, and transform it into a chic statement piece.

For the Artistic Vibes

Take a look at a mix of textures working together cohesively to create an room. Use a variety of colors and finishes can really make an exposed brick wall pop. And it will all come together under beautiful chandelier or other accent pieces. Wooden furnishings contribute to the warmth of earth tones.

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