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Affordable Garage Makeover Ideas

If you are embarrassed any time your garage door is open, it’s high time you give it a good makeover. From simple cosmetic updates to adding built-in organizational systems, your garage can go from a cluttered mess to a space the whole neighborhood will envy. Check out these easy and affordable ways to make your garage something to be proud of.

Step 1: Pick a weekend where you know there will be a stretch of good weather. To do this project, correctly, you will need to clean everything out and pile it in your driveway or yard. While you are clearing out the clutter, make two piles. The items you need to keep, and the items you no longer need and can be donated or trashed. Just by doing that, you are already ahead of the game!

Refresh the Garage Floor

If your garage floor is in good shape, give it a remodel by painting it. Epoxy paints come in a variety of colors and are a great option if your floor is stained from oil and grease. If the cement in your garage is in good shape and stain-free, a concrete sealer or stain will add a beautiful finish to help bring out the natural look of the concrete. If you use your garage as a workshop, add rubber mats or tiles to cover the floor. These help with leg fatigue if you’re standing for long periods, and they are softer to lay on if you have to crawl under your car.


If you only want to use your garage for storage and as a car shelter, you don’t have to insulate your entire garage during the remodel. Instead, think about only insulating the parts of your attached garage that can inflate your energy bill — mainly the attic and adjoining walls to your house. Just make sure you do your research when deciding; it’s much easier to insulate while remodeling a garage than after. Insulating is a great idea if you’re planning on remodeling the space into an area that you’ll be in often or plan on storing items that could warp in humidity. If you live in a cold climate, having your garage insulated when you climb into your car makes freezing temps a little more bearable. Insulating if you have running water in your garage is also imperative because not insulating could cause your pipes to freeze. Insulation also helps block out the heat in the summer.


If your garage is basic drywall with spackle spots, invest in a gallon or two of paint. You will be amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint can do for a garage! Choose a color that matches or compliements the aesthetic of the exterior of your home for a seemless look. Since you are on a roll, give your garage door a fresh coat of paint, too!

Install Windows

If your garage is dark or dimly lit, it may be time to install some windows. Dark garages are not safe, especially if you are working something on your car or just doing any handy projects. With windows, you’ll not only have more light in your garage, but it will also improve the air circulation in the place. By opening the window, fresh air can be let in, so you won’t have to worry about having a smelly garage.

Get a Workbench

You may not realize it, but a basic workbench can go a long way in helping you make better use of the space in your garage. It is a great working place for a wide range of garage projects requiring handy work like woodworking. It can also serve as an excellent storage place. Most workbenches come with drawers, which you can use to store things like nuts and bolts that you normally struggle to find a space for.

Add Cabinets

Cabinets are an excellent way to increase storage in the garage, give yourself a place to work, and keep everything organized. Cabinets are best placed on the back of the garage if you have a one-car garage. For those with a two-car garage, you have the choice between the side walls or the back wall.


If you need more storage space than cabinets can offer, consider an floor to ceiling storage unite on one or two walls. Assess the items you need to store in the garage — lawn equipment, golf clubs, tools, bikes, holiday decorations, sports equipment etc. — and figure out the different spaces you will need.

Watertight Bins

Whether you opt for cabinets or storage shelves, invest in a watertight bins that will keep moisture, cold, insects, rodents and more out of your valued items. Garages can be a welcoming place for critters, especially in the winter. Bins with tight lids keep your items safe, dry and free of damage.

Brighten up the Space

Adding lighting throughout the garage can turn a damp, dark area into a place fit for activities. You’ll also likely find it easier to navigate and find items late at night. There are often plenty of outlets throughout the garage to get LED lamps.

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